Top 5 Places to Go Winter Hiking in New Hampshire

I don’t know about you, but I love hiking in the winter. It just gives me a whole new perspective on things. There are several places in New Hampshire that I am particularly fond of when it comes to winter hiking.

Here’s a look at five of them:

  1.  Pillsbury State Park

Pillsbury State Park is located in Washington and features over 50 miles of trails. What I like most about the park is its history and terrain. There are remnants of old pioneer settlements from the 1700s and 1800s, as well as ponds, uplands and wetlands. It is also a great place to catch sight of winter wildlife, so be sure to bring your high powered binoculars, digital camera and zoom lens along. Hours of operation vary during the winter. Admission prices range from $2 to $4 depending on your age.

  1.  Flume Gorge and Visitors Center

The Flume Gorge and Visitors Center is located in Lincoln and features an amazing 800-foot gorge with 2 miles worth of looped trail. Hours of operation vary during the winter. Access to the area will cost you anywhere from $11 to $14, but the views are well worth it in my book. You’ll need to bring your own gear and refreshments. A public restroom, however, is available on site.

  1.  Great Glen Trails

The Great Glen Trails is located in Gorham and is superlative for families who would like to go snowshoeing together. If you plan on spending the day, you may want to invest in a Trails Total Ticket. Prices range from $49 to $69, but it includes snowshoe rentals, ski rentals, access to both the snowshoe and skiing trails, as well as snow tubing and a Snow Coach ride. You can’t beat the value in that. It is open daily from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

  1.  Crawford Notch State Park

The Crawford Notch State Park is located in Harts Location and offers visitors over 5,000 acres of winter terrain to explore. Admission fees range from $2 to $4 per person. It is typically open daily until sunset. Personally, I prefer the snowshoeing trails that run by the waterfalls because of the spectacular views.

  1.  White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain National Forest is located in Campton and is one of the most exhilarating places to go for strenuous winter hikes. You can opt to go snowshoeing, bouldering or ice climbing. It is open daily and admission is $3 per person. Permits may be required for climbing in Tuckerman or Huntington Ravines.

My family enjoys winter sports and has traveled extensively.

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