Hiking Trails of Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina

Why Jones Gap State Park is a Must-Visit this Fall

Located in foothills of the Upstate near Greenville, South Carolina, Jone’s Gap State Park is the closest park to the city other than Paris Mountain that affords a solid selection of hiking trails, as well as a chance to get about as deep into the forest as you would care to. With a selection of trails that ranges from family friendly to fairly strenuous , Jones Gap State Park has something for hikers of every fitness level. As with all trails in the South Carolina Upstate, be sure to fill out the registration form at the trail head and drop off the pink receipt in the box at the end of your hike. Here are a few of the more popular hikes in the park.

Jones Gap Falls Trail

The Jones Gap Trail is a moderate in and out hike that is 5.3 miles each way. Follow blue blazes all …

Hiking Trails in Kansas City

Five nature getaways to get your hike on near Kansas City | UMKC Roo NewsSummer is the perfect time to take your family out into nature and explore the habitats and wildlife found in this area of the country. Enjoy time away from all of the city hustle and bustle and get back to nature for an afternoon.

Burr Oak Woods Nature Center

Location: 1401 NW Park Rd., Blue Springs, MO

Price: FREE

This nature center has 5 unique hiking trails that you may choose from. Hands-on exhibits for children are located on the trails along with wildlife from the area and woodlands. Enjoy the limestone outcrops and listen for a barred owl call as you hike along these beautiful trails.

George Owens Nature Park

Location: 1601 S Speck Rd., Independence, MO

Price: FREE

This park is host to a fishing dock and trails, including a “storybook” trail that you or your child may read from a giant children’s book as you walk the …

How to Stay Hydrated While Hiking and Biking

Stay hydrated while hiking and biking to get the most from the exercise and the experience. Hikers and bikers have choices across America and all around the world to experience nature up close. Maintaining their health and energy levels are key to getting the most from the experiences.

Drink Enough Water

Experts say that hikers should drink one-half a liter of water per mile. So if you're planning a 10-mile hike, you need to carry or have access to at least 5 liters of water. The hotter the temperature, the more water you'll need. Plan ahead to stay healthy on your hiking trips or biking trips. The most important fact of hiking or biking and staying hydrated is to fill your water containers at every opportunity so you don't run out of water.

Carry Bottled Water

One of the simplest ways to stay hydrated is to carry bottled water in …

Hiking in a Haunted Forest: Dawson Forest in North Georgia

We had gorgeous weather here in Georgia this weekend. After lots of cold and cloudy days, it was a relief to have a beautiful, sunny Saturday with temperatures nearing 60. My family and I have taken up the sport of kayaking after a good family friend showed us what great fun it is. We are not river kayakers. That sort of thing can get you killed if you don’t know what you are doing. We generally just paddle around in some of the lakes nearby. We haven’t been kayaking for a couple of months since it has been so cold. It’s still too cold to kayak, with the water in the 40s, but it’s not too cold for hiking. With this in mind, we planned a hike for Saturday afternoon.

I have a great book called “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Atlanta.” I believe there are other books with this …

Awesome Free Outdoor Hiking Trips in Colorado

Colorado is a land of natural beauty and rugged wilderness, with plenty of gorgeous hikes for those who love the outdoors. While many places charge an entry fee, there are plenty of free parks with free hikes available. Here are three recommended free hikes, two in the Fort Collins area and one at the famous Pikes Peak. Get outside and enjoy these freebies!

Fossil Creek Open Space:
Situated alongside the picturesque Fossil Creek Reservoir, the Fossil Creek Open Space offers three trails and 843 acres of habitat to a variety of species. Unfortunately, fishermen, pets and biking are not welcome at this park, but bird watchers and hikers will enjoy Fossil Creek Open Space. This park is located off of Carpenter Road, roughly a mile west of I-25. Trail names include Sandpiper Flats Trail, Heron Loop Trail, and the Cattail Flats Trail. The longest of these is the Cattail …

The Ultimate Hiking Experience

It was 1948 and Dave was fresh out of the marines after a four-year term when he and his best friend Roy agreed to go hiking and camping. Dave wanted to spend a few days with his parents first and the day before they were supposed to head out, he got a call from Roy.

“Sorry, Dave, but I think we should wait a while. It’s too far into the rainy season and too dangerous this time of year.”

“Come on, Roy, we’ve been up there so many times we know it like the back of our hands.”

“We’re not teenagers anymore, Dave. I know you’re anxious to catch up on missed time but the mountain isn’t going anywhere.”

No matter how much Dave pleaded, Roy wouldn’t budge.

During his four years in the marines, Dave developed a close relationship with Jesus Christ who became his Savior and Lord through …

Hiking to La Mina Falls at El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico

My husband Bill and I spent four nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico last month before we boarded a cruise. Since neither of us had ever been to Puerto Rico before, I did some research before we made the trip. One of the places I wanted to see the most during the days before our cruise was El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s rainforest.

Bill and I rented a car and drove to El Yunque, which is located about an hour east of San Juan. We arrived at the rainforest just in time for lunch. There was a roadside stand near what has to be El Yunque’s most popular trail, the hike to La Mina Falls. While we ate barbecue in the rain under an umbrella, we heard tourist after tourist ask the grillmaster where La Mina was. And the very patient grillmaster told each and every one of them that La …

Top Ten Mountain Hiking Movies

It’s the thrill of a lifetime to be able to climb to the top of the mountain, or even to get to hike and take ann adventure outdoors. Some people may find enough excitement simply camping for a few nights, while others may want to take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest or the second highest mountain in the world, K2. The following are my choices for the best ten movies about hiking and climbing.

  1. K2 (1991). In this climbing adventure movie, two best friends decide to join a team that will reach the summit of K2. The movie gives a realistic portrayal of what it would be like to actually venture out and climb K2, and the perils that could be faced. The scenery is incredible.
  2. Into the Wild (2007). Imagine being a rich kid and having everything you ever wanted, but becoming totally disenchanted by the whole

Hiking the Rugged WV Mountains

Mountain hiking is at its best at Holly River State Park. Located on Route 20, 32 miles south of Buckhannon and 20 miles north of Webster Springs and easily found from I-79 that runs north and south through West Virginia. Holly River offers camping, cabins, restaurant, swimming pool and tennis and of course hiking. There are 11 trails to choose from and the one I choose most often is the Reverie Trail.

Starting at the campground entrance the trail parallels Big Run stream with steep mountains on each side. There are many rock outcroppings along the way. The trail then turns right and you approach Dreamer’s Meadow. Here the sky opens up briefly within the dense forest. The climb here is very steep. A rest along the climb will be welcome. You will come to Tecumseh Falls where the path goes under the falls. Up the mountain to the top

Hiking Eagle Mountain Park with the Kids

I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and just last week I discovered a great park for hiking with my three young children just 15 minutes away. Actually, Eagle Mountain Park was discovered for me by my sister-in-law but our shared love of spending time with our combined six children had us both heading over there twice in the last two weeks. Located just north of Fort Worth, Texas not far from highway 287, Eagle Mountain Park offers a selection of trails that all lead down to the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake.

Something about exploring the woods makes my children happy to spend hours walking along these rustic trails. The park prohibits bikes, dogs and camping. The trails are not stroller friendly and there are some spots that were challenging for the youngest in our group. My four-year-old son stumbled up a few rocky inclines but was …