Night Hiking: Your Guide to Adventure

There’s something special about hiking that makes you feel alive. Getting off of your duffet and taking to the hearty nature resting just beyond the cushy borders of civilization brings an undeniable joy but those seeking a real thrill might be best suited by hiking at night.

Trekking under cover of night, under the glittering sky, while the rest of the world rests; is surely one of life’s greatest adventures. However, it must be done with a certain amount of preparation and with an eye towards safety. Some tips for the hiker – whether you’re an experienced hiker or a complete novice.


Showing proper preparation for any weather conditions is a major consideration when planning your hike. You must be prepared for the possibility of rain or cold temperatures. By bringing either a hat or a light parka you will be able to keep yourself dry in wet conditions without burdening yourself with a high encumbrance, bulky padding, or objects likely to make your arms tired (umbrellas) when used for an extended period of time. A light parka (one which allows free movement) is preferable during cold weather as it will retain body heat better, while many experienced hikers prefer the hat during warm weather as it leaves their bodies more free.

On that note, it is wise to pack warm clothing to wear during times when you are less physically active – such as when taking breaks.


During your sleep the average person doesn’t have high nutritional needs – most of us just eat breakfast rolls around in the early morning. However, as you hike your body will be burning high levels of energy and you will experience a need for both food and water. For a quick burst of energy pick foods which are high in proteins. A flask of tea, water, or even a chicken soup will leave you feeling refreshed while quenching your thirst.

Having either food to prepare for breakfast or breakfast arrangements upon return will end your trip on a positive note and ensure that you have all the energy you need.

Route Planning

Plan your route in advance in order to maximize the trip. By picking out the spots you wish to see you will find a greater enjoyment. Preparing to be at a particularly poignant spot at sunrise can make a good trip into one you’ll never forget.

Be sure to take a map, compass, and a flashlight. Areas which you may be familiar with under the full light of day will look different at night and it is possible to become confused or disoriented if not adequately prepared. Of course, one should never be without their cellphone. While no one wants their phone ringing non-stop into the night, it also does not do to be without a means of contacting authorities in the event of an emergency or other occurence.

Keep these tips in mind and always be searching for ways to maximize your safety and security when preparing for the adventure that is hiking.

Source: The Camp Wiki

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