Hiking the Rugged WV Mountains

Mountain hiking is at its best at Holly River State Park. Located on Route 20, 32 miles south of Buckhannon and 20 miles north of Webster Springs and easily found from I-79 that runs north and south through West Virginia. Holly River offers camping, cabins, restaurant, swimming pool and tennis and of course hiking. There are 11 trails to choose from and the one I choose most often is the Reverie Trail.

Starting at the campground entrance the trail parallels Big Run stream with steep mountains on each side. There are many rock outcroppings along the way. The trail then turns right and you approach Dreamer’s Meadow. Here the sky opens up briefly within the dense forest. The climb here is very steep. A rest along the climb will be welcome. You will come to Tecumseh Falls where the path goes under the falls. Up the mountain to the top it levels off and here you will experience the heavenly peace and quiet of the forest. The walk now is easy as you stroll along the ridgetop allowing you to catch your breath until the way descents downward. It’s a steep decline until it levels off again and you find yourself at the primitive campsite. There are no facilities at the site. The trail through the forest ends when reaching the Pickens Road which again is a steep descent. The trail is 3.5 miles and takes a little over 2.5 hours which depends on how many rest stops you make.

The Reverie Trail in my opinion is one of the best in the park. It’s a good workout and a great homemade meal and cool drink at the restuarant will be most welcome. And by the way, be sure to wear hiking boots and take lots of water with you for your hike through the mountainous terrain.


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