Great Outdoors Month: Hiking in the Adirondacks

Not being a born native to the North Country I can only wonder time and time again how in the world I ended up living near the mountains. Originally being born and brought up in Brooklyn then later on in life moving to Long Island I never really had to endure long cold brutal winters nor did I have the privilege to see one of natures most precious beauties, the Adirondack Mountains.

Now living in the Adirondack area for almost three years I have met a wonderful group of ladies that have taken me under their wing and introduced me to one of nature’s most fascinating adventures – hiking as they would call it. Me personally I still call it a struggle climbing up trails and rocks. But anyhow it is amazing and quite frankly never did I imagine that I was ever capable of wanting to try this.

With only recently hiking two mountains I have found it to be most invigorating and very entertaining. I have conquered something that I would have never visualized in doing. It is fascinating and a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors. I am looking forward to more challenges and to be able to view more of the spectacular beauty that the North Country has to offer.

There are numerous hiking trails found in the Adirondacks that range from the novice hiker (that’s me) to the professional seasoned hikers (those would be my friends). There are hiking trails for all. Some of the mountains are geared for families to include the little guys while others are for those that want to get away from their families. However they all offer the same extravagant views.

I can only give personal information on the trails that I have participated in hiking. These would be Spruce Mountain and Prospect Mountain.

Spruce Mountain – I found was a wonderful place for me to start my journey into the nature world. It didn’t feel overwhelming I felt confident going up as well as coming back down. Of course it helps when you have great company, but none the less I felt good all around. The best part was reaching the top and looking at the fire tower, for I did not attempt and quite honestly did not know that the fire tower could be part of the climb. However after speaking to several of people this is part of the adventure as well. No I do not feel the need to climb the tower the mountain was enough for me. Spruce Mountain is located in the Town of Corinth in Saratoga County.

Prospect Mountain – This was my second hike and although it was a bit more challenging I also felt very comfortable. I recommend being close to a tree in case you need extra help especially while coming down as I had a small slip on one of the hugest boulders I have ever seen, but I survived. A view at the top is all worth it is breathtaking and by the time you’re all done the sense of satisfaction is overpowering.

I do believe that if this is something new to you as it was for me it is best to go with the right people. Not once did I ever feel intimidated in trying this thanks to my company.

As it seems these may not have been very tough mountains to some, but coming from a girl from Brooklyn these were major challenges and great obstacles to cross. I recommend all to take advantage of such great scenery and the grand outdoors by hiking. Enjoy the greatest gift provided to us by Mother Nature and at the same time get a full day of exercise without feeling as if it something that you have to do!

For more information on the spectacular hiking trails of the Adirondack Mountains there are several websites available:

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