Great Hiking Trails Near Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fox Run Regional Park

This is a park nestled in the Black Forest just north of Colorado Springs. These are fairly easy trails which wind through a pine forest. The trails are well-marked and well-maintained. There is rolling terrain with little real elevation gain. There is also a little duck pond near the parking lot that is quite scenic. Exit I-25 on Exit 156A then take Northgate Road east, then turn left on Rollercoaster Road. Drive about 1.5 miles until you see the Fox Run Park sign.

Black Forest Regional Park

Shoup and Milam

Located at the intersection of Shoup and Milam. Take Highway 83 north to Shoup Road, then go east on Shoup Road for 2.5 miles. There are some beautiful peaceful trails here which meander through the Ponderosa Pine forest. There are also restrooms. In the winter, this is a popular place for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing as well.

Red Rocks Canyon Park

U.S. Highway 24 West

This is an 800-acre open space which just recently opened for hiking, so not all of the trails are open. There will be a total of 17 miles of trails once it is complete. Right now there are 5 miles of hiking trails. This park has huge red rock formations similar to Garden of the Gods. It also has Ponderosa Pine, scrub oak, cacti and green meadows. This is one of my favorite places to hike. The Contemplation Trail is exceptionally peaceful and beautiful. It winds in and out through he walls of the red rock canyon and is very quiet except for the sounds of bird song and ssquirrel scampering. There are benches alongn the way in case you wish to sit and “contemplate.” Red Rocks Canyon is also a mecca for technical climbing. However, you must register with the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center first and scrambling is not allowed.

Palmer Park

3650 Maizeland Road

Palmer Park is in the center of town, but quickly feels like wilderness. There are miles of trails traversing this rocky bluff and these trails can be combined in many ways to increase the length of your hike. The trails are also very popular with mountain bikers, so be aware and be prepared to step to the side of the trail to let them pass. A favorite loop hiking trail is the Templeton Trail to Lazy Land. You can park at Lazy Land and walk north to Austin Bluffs Road, and begin to follow the sidewalk west. You will come to a sign depicting all of the trails. Proceed behind the sign onto the dirt path. This is Templeton Trail. You will go through the woods for about ΒΌ mile, then open onto a meadow with houses to your right. After the meadow, look for a cut-off trail to the left (not as well marked or as wide as the main trail. Turn left on the cut-off and head up a steep rocky trail. When you reach the top, you can go right or left. Turn left and follow this trail up and around the bluff and then back down to Lazy Land. Be sure to stop at the top of the bluff to take pictures of Pikes Peak and the gorgeous view you have earned. This entire loop as described is 2 miles. This is my favorite Colorado Springs hike, and I hope you enjoy it.

As with all hikes, be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, rain gear or jacket, sunscreen and your cell phone.

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