Best Hiking Trails in and Near Cincinnati, Ohio

There are many hiking trails within easy reach of Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the list below for my top picks of hiking trails in and near Cincinnati, Ohio. They include a range of lengths and types of hiking trails, from paved to rustic.

Two Loops Trail at Middle Creek is west of Cincinnati, Ohio, near Northern Kentucky. This hiking trail has lots of rocky ridges and trees and is about three and a half miles long. You can even glimpse the Ohio River at certain spots.

Cincinnati Nature Center maintains hiking trails at Rowe Woods. The Rowe Woods area includes 1025 acres of fields, forest, streams and ponds. There are eighteen miles of hiking trails. Educational programs for kids and families are a great way to learn about the local wildlife. For more information, check the Cincinnati Nature Center website. You can find directions to Rowe Woods hiking trails at …

Hiking Trails Near Phoenix, Arizona

When I discovered how many hiking trails there are in the Phoenix area I was stunned. I just assumed that because this is the desert, no one would want to hike in the area. Not true, not true at all!

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Phoenix written by Charles Lui, gives you an idea just from the title, the hiking possibilities in and around Phoenix. 60 is a large number of trails. If you hiked one trail a week you would not be able to complete every trail in this book given an entire year. Imagine all of the unique hiking experiences you could enjoy each weekend by hiking a different trail every time.

One of my favorite day hikes in Phoenix is the Squaw Peak Summit Trail.It is located in the Squaw Peak Park which is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It is easily accessible by taking …

Hiking in Montreal, Quebec: Mount Royal Park

Whether for tourists coming to Montreal, Quebec or locals, hiking in Mount Royal Park is fun to explore with family members young and old, or alone.

The most agreeable season would be summer, but winter is just as exciting with many trails for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Whatever the season, the trails will be scenic, safe and enjoyable.

Mount Royal is Montreal’s largest city park, a 200-hectare park occupying a third of the overall mountain which lies in the midst of the city. A well-maintained park, it curves around the largest cemetery in the North American continent, sectored as Mount Royal, Cote-des-Neiges and Notre Dame.

Beaver Lake (or as the locals call it, Lac Castor) is the place to start. You can either walk up the mountain or take the bus or car up the west side of the mountain via Remembrance road, just off Cote-des-Neiges boulevard or Camillien Houde …

Hiking in Southern Illinois for Great Outdoors Month

7 Best Hikes To Experience In Southern IllinoisMy family is fortunate to live in an area abundant in park lands and historical sites. Enjoying the great outdoors is something we look forward to and take advantage of frequently. Hiking is our favorite way to enjoy the natural wonders and historical symbols of our area. Hiking in the great outdoors is also provides excellent health benefits and a chance to create memories together.

Hiking in the Great Outdoors – Cave-In-Rock, Il

Overlooking the Ohio River and located in Hardin County, Cave-In-Rock offers beautiful vistas to visitors. Reaching the cave can be grueling as the only way is to climb a steep hill or take a seemingly unending stairway to the top of the hill and then descend the other side to enter the mouth of the cave. Once used as a hideout by outlaws and pirates, the cavern appeared in the film “How the West Was Won”. The …

Laguna Beach Hiking Trails Have it All for Tourists and Locals Alike

Whether you are looking to enjoy scenic ocean views or you want to amble through lush chaparral land that was once used to shoot Hollywood Westerns, Laguna Beach has a multitude of trails for a hiker of any experience level. And especially as we are now entering the months where Laguna Beach is now free of the daily fog overlay known as “June Gloom,” there really isn’t a better time to go hiking in or around Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is located in Southern California along the coast just north of San Diego County. It is an artist’s colony that prides itself on being that little bit outdoorsy and creative. For example, it is not abnormal on a local Laguna Beach hike to see a group of painters sitting outside drawing a picturesque vista. So what are some of the most promising hiking trails in Laguna Beach?

Crystal Cove Beach

Hiking Queen's Canyon in Colorado Springs: To the Punchbowls and Beyond

In 1881 the final version of General Palmer’s Glen Eyrie castle was completed in West Colorado Springs. Standing in the mouth of Queen’s Canyon, it was and is a beautiful example of English Tudor architecture. But, despite its advanced design, lovely appearance, and historical interest, it is the canyon in which it stands that is the true marvel. Queen’s Canyon, named the for the General’s beloved and oft-missing wife, is a jewel in the crown of Colorado Springs.

Starting at the parking lot next to the castle, a hiker winds up the narrow, cliff-sided creek over a system of waterpipes and bridges. The creek is rocky and narrow. The cliff walls tower above you on both sides, red and rugged. From time to time the mountain wind blows down the canyon through the aspens and pines, cooling you off.

At a quarter-mile, you arrive at a beautiful waterfall, perhaps one-hundred …

Hiking Trails of Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina

Why Jones Gap State Park is a Must-Visit this Fall

Located in foothills of the Upstate near Greenville, South Carolina, Jone’s Gap State Park is the closest park to the city other than Paris Mountain that affords a solid selection of hiking trails, as well as a chance to get about as deep into the forest as you would care to. With a selection of trails that ranges from family friendly to fairly strenuous , Jones Gap State Park has something for hikers of every fitness level. As with all trails in the South Carolina Upstate, be sure to fill out the registration form at the trail head and drop off the pink receipt in the box at the end of your hike. Here are a few of the more popular hikes in the park.

Jones Gap Falls Trail

The Jones Gap Trail is a moderate in and out hike that is 5.3 miles each way. Follow blue blazes all …

Hiking Trails in Kansas City

Five nature getaways to get your hike on near Kansas City | UMKC Roo NewsSummer is the perfect time to take your family out into nature and explore the habitats and wildlife found in this area of the country. Enjoy time away from all of the city hustle and bustle and get back to nature for an afternoon.

Burr Oak Woods Nature Center

Location: 1401 NW Park Rd., Blue Springs, MO

Price: FREE

This nature center has 5 unique hiking trails that you may choose from. Hands-on exhibits for children are located on the trails along with wildlife from the area and woodlands. Enjoy the limestone outcrops and listen for a barred owl call as you hike along these beautiful trails.

George Owens Nature Park

Location: 1601 S Speck Rd., Independence, MO

Price: FREE

This park is host to a fishing dock and trails, including a “storybook” trail that you or your child may read from a giant children’s book as you walk the …

How to Stay Hydrated While Hiking and Biking

Stay hydrated while hiking and biking to get the most from the exercise and the experience. Hikers and bikers have choices across America and all around the world to experience nature up close. Maintaining their health and energy levels are key to getting the most from the experiences.

Drink Enough Water

Experts say that hikers should drink one-half a liter of water per mile. So if you're planning a 10-mile hike, you need to carry or have access to at least 5 liters of water. The hotter the temperature, the more water you'll need. Plan ahead to stay healthy on your hiking trips or biking trips. The most important fact of hiking or biking and staying hydrated is to fill your water containers at every opportunity so you don't run out of water.

Carry Bottled Water

One of the simplest ways to stay hydrated is to carry bottled water in …

Hiking in a Haunted Forest: Dawson Forest in North Georgia

We had gorgeous weather here in Georgia this weekend. After lots of cold and cloudy days, it was a relief to have a beautiful, sunny Saturday with temperatures nearing 60. My family and I have taken up the sport of kayaking after a good family friend showed us what great fun it is. We are not river kayakers. That sort of thing can get you killed if you don’t know what you are doing. We generally just paddle around in some of the lakes nearby. We haven’t been kayaking for a couple of months since it has been so cold. It’s still too cold to kayak, with the water in the 40s, but it’s not too cold for hiking. With this in mind, we planned a hike for Saturday afternoon.

I have a great book called “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Atlanta.” I believe there are other books with this …