The Best Winter Hiking Spots in Maine

Winter hiking in Maine provides the best opportunities for adventures in the  wildWell, the snow has started to fly, the temperature has gone down and you’re starting to hear all of those annoying cancellations and delays on the radio again. Time to retreat? Curl up in a ball in front of the fire? Make friends with your couch? No way! Winter is the perfect time to take up hiking in Maine! The best way to beat the winter blues is to make sure you stay active. Exercize raises endorphins, which are a feel good chemical your brain naturally produces. It helps you cope with stress, stay in shape, and function better overall. Winter is no excuse to stop an exercise regimen. You just have to dress warmly and be more careful about where you go. Hiking can be a great activity to share with friends, and hiking with others makes it more enjoyable.

You’ll want to make sure you have a good …

Great Hiking Trails of Tucson, Arizona

In celebration of the Great Outdoors Month 2009 there is nothing more pleasurable to experience the great outdoors than a hike. In Tucson, Arizona there is no shortage of trails and places to go in this beautiful desert city. There are many trails that you can choose from, ranging from easy to difficult. Some are free and some require a small fee, but don’t let the small fee deter you it is well worth it. The fees benefit these places by keeping the facilities clean and running. Three great trails to visit here in Tucson are Sabino Canyon, Skyline trailhead and Picacho Peak.

Sabino Canyon

I hiked a trail here just a couple of days ago and it was the first time I visited Sabino Canyon. It will cost you five dollars to get into the parking area. From there, you choose your route. Sabino Canyon offers many trails varying …

Summer Hiking: Beat the Heat and Stay Cool

I have enjoyed hiking trails across much of the eastern United States and endured all kinds of trail and weather conditions along the way. Every region and trail from Maine to Arkansas to the shores of Lake Superior has unique and wonderful challenges, but my hiking heart belongs in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Hikers familiar with the region know how hot and humid summers can be in the Southern Appalachians. Temperatures routinely soar into the nineties with high humidity. That combination is not only uncomfortable; it can be dangerous to the unprepared hiker.

Follow these tips to beat the heat while hiking in the Smoky Mountains, or anywhere else, this summer.

Summer Hiking in the Smokies: Beat the Heat

Stay properly hydrated: This seems so simple obvious that it should not be necessary to mention it. But I cannot tell you how many hot, thirsty, unprepared …

Best Hiking Trails Within 10 Miles of Pittsburgh, PA

Take a Hike: 10 of the Best Trails in the Pittsburgh Area | Pittsburgh  Magazine

If you’re looking for a scenic hiking trail near Pittsburgh, PA, you don’t need to drive an hour or more to get there. Some of the best hiking trails are the ones not many people know about, and there are many within a stone’s throw of the city. This article will introduce three of these nearby trails in the city’s northern region. Most local outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers are well aware of hiking locations in the Allegheny County Parks and Pittsburgh Citiparks, but many do not know there are scenic waterfalls in nearby Shaler and Fox Chapel easily accessible from spectacular woodland trails. These are just some of the little-known hiking trails you should check out in the northern Pittsburgh vicinity.

Fall Run Trail
Few people notice the sign for Fall Run Park (a.k.a. Judge D.M. Miller Park) as they drive by it on Route 8 in Shaler. …

Top 5 Places to Go Winter Hiking in New Hampshire

I don’t know about you, but I love hiking in the winter. It just gives me a whole new perspective on things. There are several places in New Hampshire that I am particularly fond of when it comes to winter hiking.

Here’s a look at five of them:

  1.  Pillsbury State Park

Pillsbury State Park is located in Washington and features over 50 miles of trails. What I like most about the park is its history and terrain. There are remnants of old pioneer settlements from the 1700s and 1800s, as well as ponds, uplands and wetlands. It is also a great place to catch sight of winter wildlife, so be sure to bring your high powered binoculars, digital camera and zoom lens along. Hours of operation vary during the winter. Admission prices range from $2 to $4 depending on your age.

  1.  Flume Gorge and Visitors Center

The Flume Gorge and …

Hiking Sam's Point Preserve

Hiking trails are among the greatest secret treasures of living in this diverse landscape of the Hudson Valley . The trails in this area are one of the most consistently persuasive reasons to venture outside and persevere through the winters. A beginner can cut her teeth on short, well marked paths all up and down Rt. 9W or a seasoned hiker can take advantage of hikes that take multiple hours or all day. There are plenty of options along the Hudson River out of small towns like Cold Spring, Garrison, West Point , or a little further north to the Shawangunk Mountains . Your dog will need a water bowl for the long hike dot forget to get one,

My favorite local hike is near Cragsmoor , New York and is the southern most and highest point of the Shawangunk Mountain Range. There are also several parks in the Shawangunks, …

Hiking Trails in Clark County, Indiana

Best Trails in Clark State Forest | AllTrails

Hiking in the great outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul, and Clark County, Indiana has a variety of hiking trails for everyone. Hiking is a great form of exercise, gets you outside in fresh air, and is a wonderful opportunity to talk or just listen to peacefulness of the outdoors.

Deam Lake State Recreation Area
With four hiking trails to choose from, and all under three miles, you can easily enjoy most in a day’s time. Deam Lake has a scenic, undeveloped shore which is the perfect setting to enjoy nature. Camping, horseback riding trails, playgrounds, fishing, and a beach are also available. Deam Lake has excellent camping facilities for people and horses, with some sites available extra close to the lake.

Clark State Forest
This scenic area has three hiking trails, the shortest being just under one mile with the longest being 32 miles covering thousand …

Best Hiking Trails in and Near Cincinnati, Ohio

There are many hiking trails within easy reach of Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out the list below for my top picks of hiking trails in and near Cincinnati, Ohio. They include a range of lengths and types of hiking trails, from paved to rustic.

Two Loops Trail at Middle Creek is west of Cincinnati, Ohio, near Northern Kentucky. This hiking trail has lots of rocky ridges and trees and is about three and a half miles long. You can even glimpse the Ohio River at certain spots.

Cincinnati Nature Center maintains hiking trails at Rowe Woods. The Rowe Woods area includes 1025 acres of fields, forest, streams and ponds. There are eighteen miles of hiking trails. Educational programs for kids and families are a great way to learn about the local wildlife. For more information, check the Cincinnati Nature Center website. You can find directions to Rowe Woods hiking trails at …

Hiking Trails Near Phoenix, Arizona

When I discovered how many hiking trails there are in the Phoenix area I was stunned. I just assumed that because this is the desert, no one would want to hike in the area. Not true, not true at all!

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Phoenix written by Charles Lui, gives you an idea just from the title, the hiking possibilities in and around Phoenix. 60 is a large number of trails. If you hiked one trail a week you would not be able to complete every trail in this book given an entire year. Imagine all of the unique hiking experiences you could enjoy each weekend by hiking a different trail every time.

One of my favorite day hikes in Phoenix is the Squaw Peak Summit Trail.It is located in the Squaw Peak Park which is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It is easily accessible by taking …

Hiking in Montreal, Quebec: Mount Royal Park

Whether for tourists coming to Montreal, Quebec or locals, hiking in Mount Royal Park is fun to explore with family members young and old, or alone.

The most agreeable season would be summer, but winter is just as exciting with many trails for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Whatever the season, the trails will be scenic, safe and enjoyable.

Mount Royal is Montreal’s largest city park, a 200-hectare park occupying a third of the overall mountain which lies in the midst of the city. A well-maintained park, it curves around the largest cemetery in the North American continent, sectored as Mount Royal, Cote-des-Neiges and Notre Dame.

Beaver Lake (or as the locals call it, Lac Castor) is the place to start. You can either walk up the mountain or take the bus or car up the west side of the mountain via Remembrance road, just off Cote-des-Neiges boulevard or Camillien Houde …