Why Go for a Hiking Adventure?

The idea of travel and trips gets us to a wave of excitement and fun and one way to greatly enjoy this is to challenge yourself on a hiking adventure. This activity may be done with the whole family, your friends and colleagues or for an adventurous couple. Whoever you may be with, a hiking adventure is of great fun to share with anyone in your social circle.

Hiking for most people is simply a way to exercise and maintain health and fitness. For lovers and couples it has a romantic appeal where they can share thoughts about anything while being so close to the wonders of nature and even highlights great lasting moments to capture. A hiking adventure is also great for family bonding and relaxation while discovering many places to hike.

The big deal in any hiking adventure is the presence of the different hiking trails that are …

Hiking Eagle Mountain Park with the Kids

I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and just last week I discovered a great park for hiking with my three young children just 15 minutes away. Actually, Eagle Mountain Park was discovered for me by my sister-in-law but our shared love of spending time with our combined six children had us both heading over there twice in the last two weeks. Located just north of Fort Worth, Texas not far from highway 287, Eagle Mountain Park offers a selection of trails that all lead down to the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake.

Something about exploring the woods makes my children happy to spend hours walking along these rustic trails. The park prohibits bikes, dogs and camping. The trails are not stroller friendly and there are some spots that were challenging for the youngest in our group. My four-year-old son stumbled up a few rocky inclines but was …

Great Outdoors Month: Hiking in the Adirondacks

Not being a born native to the North Country I can only wonder time and time again how in the world I ended up living near the mountains. Originally being born and brought up in Brooklyn then later on in life moving to Long Island I never really had to endure long cold brutal winters nor did I have the privilege to see one of natures most precious beauties, the Adirondack Mountains.

Now living in the Adirondack area for almost three years I have met a wonderful group of ladies that have taken me under their wing and introduced me to one of nature’s most fascinating adventures – hiking as they would call it. Me personally I still call it a struggle climbing up trails and rocks. But anyhow it is amazing and quite frankly never did I imagine that I was ever capable of wanting to try this.

With …