Best Men's Hiking Boots

Are you planning on taking a trip to go hiking in the wilderness and need to find the best hiking boots that you can? Durability and comfort of hiking boots are two things we find most important when buying boots, and you will also want to look for boots that are waterproof.

Here is a list of my families favorite hiking boots.

Timberland Cadion Waterproof Mid-Gore Tex XCR is one of the best all around men’s hiking boots you could find! At around $140.00 depending on where you buy them, the money is well worth it. These Timberlands give you great ankle support to keep you from twisting an ankle while doing steep climbing, and give you more stability. These boots are also much lighter than other hiking boots that always seem extremely heavy. They weigh about 2 lbs per boot, which in my opinion is quite light. The waterproof material that they are made of is positively awesome! These boots can be totally submerged in water and the water stays out of the inside of the boot! And the fact that these boots need no break in at all is an added plus! You can purchase these Timberlands at Dillards, Gander Mountain or Academy Sports and Outdoors, or on the Timberland website.

Next, the Kayland Vertigo High backpacking boot is great for hiking also. These boots are also very light in weight and have good ankle support and stability. The waterproof material is nice and breaths good. These boots are more expensive than the Timberland’s at around $200.00 retail. You can also get this boot in women’s sizes too. If you are looking for a boot that looks great, you might consider the Timberland Cadion over the Kayland Vertigo, but overall this boot is great in durability.

The Columbia Packus Ridge Hiking boots are a great buy for not too much money. The great thing about these boots is that are made with a microbial material that prevents foot odor! This boot is very comfortable and breathable, and the rubber outsole has wonderful traction for even the hardest of trails. At a cost of $89.99 you are getting a great deal! Look for these boots at Cabela’s or other sporting good stores.

Red Wing Men’s Crestone Hiker boots are also a good boot for low cost. At around $99.99 these boots have great traction and are comfortable and durable. The one downside on these boots is that they do not insulate well. These boots seem to fit true to size and width and look great on. They are waterproof as well, and to me seem to be an overall good boot. But if you are an avid hiker you may want to invest more money in boots that insulate well.

Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Ultra Hiking boots are also a great boot! Light and comfortable these boots provide great traction on many different surfaces and have an ion-mask technology that keeps your feet dry and cool. They also have a compression molded midsole that provides lightweight wear and cushioning. At around $135.00 this is an awesome boot right up there with the Timberlands. The only drawback that I think it has is that it is not as attractive as some of the other boots.

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