Best Maryland Hiking This Fall

Maryland has a great number of trails to choose from, but these three are my favorite for having a day hike in the mountains or on the beach during the Fall.

  1.  Appalachian Trail

The almost ten mile stretch of the Appalachian trail from Crampton Gap to Harper’s Ferry is one of my favorite trails in the Maryland area. The scenic views and winding paths with views of the Potomac River, there are few other trails that I enjoy as much as the Appalachian Trail. This small bit of the trail is only a part of the forty one miles that the trail takes in the West Virginia/Maryland area.

Although there are many harsher parts of the AT, the Maryland part is relatively good for beginning hiking enthusiasts with minimal increase in elevation and relatively easy hiking paths compared to other parts on the trail.

If you want to see some of the best colors of fall while hiking, the Appalachian trail cannot be beaten.

  1.  Gunpowder Falls State Park

This is my second favorite area to hike in the Maryland area. Located in Baltimore County this park offers a number of different trails, and numerous fishing spots. The trail is mostly in wooded area, but is close to the water so there is a large variety of plant and animal life to look for as you wander through the winding trails.

Panther trail is a good one to loop around on and is approximately four miles. There are lots of twists and turns though, so if you aren’t watching the colored trail blazes you may miss some of the turn-offs. If it is your first time out you might want to take a trail map to make sure you can find your way back more easily if you miss the markers for twists in the trails. Most side paths lead down to fishing areas or other recreation areas, so there is really no down side to spending a little extra time wandering in the beautiful landscapes this park provides.

  1.  Calvert Cliffs

This trail is a single trail that leads down to the beach at Calvert Cliffs. It is a windy trail that has various surface textures, from rocky to sandy as it progresses closer and closer to the beach area. There are numerous beautiful views of marshlands on the way to the beach cliffs, and plenty of beach combing for shells and fossils, or even just lounging in the sun or splashing in the water after your two mile hike to the beach. Deciding to hike back up the two miles to leave the beach is probably the more difficult decision. It is ultimately a unique little trail that has character, and a nice little beach area as part of the scenery, definitely one of my Maryland favorites.

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