If you are one of those parents who do not take their children to the dentist, questions will be asked. Chances might be good that you may not be taking them to see the general practitioner either. There is a reason why he is referred to as the family doctor. And the dentistry for children norco is also family friendly, didn’t you know. If you are one of those parents who do not do such and many other necessary things for your children, then you have to ask yourself.

dentistry for children norco

Do you have any business being a parent at all? So it happens, it’s sad, really. So, if you’re still young and your kids are even younger of course, it’s not too late to change your ways. It’s not too late to stop behaving like an irresponsible child and get both you and your children checked out already. And it is just so easy to do. You need not be shy or embarrassed. The children’s dentist and the family doctor both have empathy as their middle names.

They are not here to judge you although it is quite possible that they could give you a gentle scolding, but not of the kind that does any harm to your person or self-esteem. Speaking of which, it’s a known fact that folks with low self-esteem and a whole host of other emotional issues do have a tendency to pass this on to their children. It is unfortunately the bad sad of human nature. Worst case scenarios are cases of abuse.

And yet still, not taking your kid to see the dentist, or to the GP, could be a case of abuse. You do not wish to wake up one day with a social worker rapping on your door now do you?

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