There are many reasons why you may end up getting a tooth extracted. Perhaps it is a wisdom tooth that has to come out. You may be in a situation where your dentist thinks you have one or two teeth in your mouth that are not necessary. The removal of those teeth will help with the overall shaping and adjusting of your teeth through braces.

It is without question a serious process and one you should not take lightly. A tooth extraction is painful when it is done without anesthesia, which is why you are going to get some form of local anesthesia from your dentist.

They will inject anesthesia into the area in your gums, which numbs your mouth entirely. You will not feel anything but a little bit of pressure when the dentist is removing your tooth. But the anesthesia will wear off over time.

The pain from tooth extraction cerritos is felt later on. When your pain killer wears off, you will have a lot of pain in your gums and the entire area of your mouth. It is such a struggle, as you may not have experienced such a pain in the past. You will want to ensure you are taking medicine to overcome this pain.

Ask your dentist about acceptable painkillers to take in this process. They will tell you to take a specific painkiller, and what dose is safe. You should also be eating soft foods that are comforting to your mouth.

tooth extraction cerritos

For instance, soft ice cream, yogurt, soups and similar foods will be great for your teeth. If you are having ice cream, make sure you let it melt a little bit so it is not too cold or hard.

The pain you are feeling will get a lot less after a few days. Then you will feel closer to normal, and you can go in for a second examination by the dentist so they can make sure everything went smoothly with the extraction process.

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