If you are convicted of a crime, expect life-altering consequences, although those do vary from one type of criminal conviction to the next. The more serious the criminal conviction, the harsher the sentence in most cases.

Some of the possible consequences of being convicted of a crime:


Unsupervised and supervised probation are sometimes offered instead of jail if you are convicted of a crime. There are rules and stipulations that must be followed and violations can result in probation violations and a re-arrest.

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House Arrest

House arrest requires that a person stays at home at all times, except when they are going to or from work. House arrest is usually reserved for serious crimes and is a step up from probation. A person who is on house arrest wears an ankle that monitors their whereabouts at all times.


At a minimum, expect to pay court costs after an arrest. The court costs combine with the fines associated with your criminal charges and can add up to a significant amount of money, especially if you face more than one criminal charge.

Jail Time/Prison Time

The worst of the outcomes, time behind bars really turns upside down. You can be placed in jail for up to 11 months 29 days while prison sentences can range from one year to a lifetime.


Anger management classes are one of the many types of classes a judge may order a person to take, at their own expense, after a criminal conviction. These classes teach you how to avoid future problems with the same issue.

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