Cancer surgery can remove all of the cancerous cells in a particular area in early stages of cancer. This is one reason why regular tests are so important. If you have a mt pleasant cancer surgery scheduled, you can find out what to expect before, during, and after the procedure in the information below.

Your doctor will provide you with a list of instructions to follow to prepare for the surgery. Expect a call from the nurse the day prior to the surgery. This is to remind you of the tests and other information. You cannot eat or drink 24-hours prior to the surgery. Most doctors say no eating or drinking after midnight. Adhere to all of the care instructions, even if they seem silly. The doctor knows best!

You’ll receive anesthesia when you are in surgery. The surgeon removes the cancer and a few healthy tissues around it to help improve the chances of removing all of the cancer. The surgeon may opt to remove tissues near the tumor, including lymph nodes to ensure proper removal of the cancerous cells.

cancer surgery

Most cancer surgery requires a couple of days in the hospital. You will be given care instructions while in the hospital. Enjoy the care from the nurse while you are in the hospital and remember to take it easy. You’ll be given information concerning pain control, activities you can and cannot do after the surgery, when you can resume normal activities, and more.

After surgery, expect a follow-up visit with the surgeon in about one week.  Some people require additional visits if the doctor spots a problem or if issues arise. You should ensure that all follow-up visits are made as necessary to protect your recovery and good health.

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