There is always going to be tasks that will take specific steps to complete correctly.  When looking at Janitorial services in Omaha, NE you will want to follow a set of specific steps as well.  Of course, you can always go against the grain and do these in whatever order you want, but for most professionals, this is the best way they have seen as of yet.

Remove bulky items

You want to remove the bulky items and trash from the rooms to start with.  When we do this, we are knocking a lot of the elephant out of the room.  From there we want to deal with any items that are sticking out like a sore thumb. 

These items may be stains, broken items or items that will require more time and effort compared to your standard cleaning tasks.  Once you have these scouted and determined how they will be dealt with, you can move on to your light cleaning tasks.

Sweeping the floors

You want to start by sweeping the floors.  This will help collect all of the dirt and trash that is laying around.  When you sweep the floor, you are moving the dirt that collected from shoes, outside activities and items brought into the building.

You will then want to take these piles of dirt and sweep them into a general area such as a hallway.  You can leave them there for now and repeat the process for the remaining rooms.

Wipe down surfaces

You want to wipe down surfaces such as counters, tables and other general areas.  This is where you can remove stains, germs and more.  Before wiping down these areas make sure to spray your cleaning solution on to the rag and not directly onto the surfaces.

Janitorial services in Omaha, NE

Final walk through

Now that you have the basic room setup you can close it up and

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